We are committed to assisting you in your technical problems. Listed below is the contact information of the various offices in ECE. Consult this list prior to contacting anyone at ECE Technical Operations. This will allow us to streamline the process and better serve you.

Using our ticket system you will be able to describe your problem and submit a request directly to our office. Submitted tickets will be handled within this system by members of the Technical Operations team. Utilize this system, unless you have a project that needs our Director's permission. 

ECE Technical Operation Ticket System:
Email your job with the description to ece-techops@ece.umd.edu

NOTE: Tickets entered in the system are given priority. You will be notified on the status of your ticket through this system.

If you ever have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to call or stop by our office.

ECE Technical Operations
Office: 1338 A. V. Williams Building
Phone: (301) 405 1036
email: ece-techopshelp@umd.edu

ECE Quick Access List


Building Systems/Maintenance:


·      Heating/Air Conditioning

·      Cleaning Issues

·      Light Fixtures

·      Electrical receptacles

·      Bathroom/Plumbing



Facilities Management


·      Call Work Control: 5-2222

·      Work submit portal: https://www.facilities.umd.edu/sitepages/WOrequest.aspx



Computing / Conference Room Audio Visual Equipment



Computing Help Desk


·      Email: ecehelp@ece.umd.edu

·      Phone: 5-3689



Business Matters


·      Financial matters

·      Inventory matters

·      Supplies (including paper)

·      Copying machines



ECE Business Office


·      2410 A.V. Williams Bldg.

·      Phone: 5-1240


Room Access


·      Keys

·      Card Swipe Access (Excluding Teaching Facilities)



Patsy Keehn


·      2403 A.V. Williams Bldg.

·      Phone: 5-3680

·      Email: patsy@umd.edu




·      New or Replace locks

·      Change


Building Security


·      BSS work order: http://www.umpd.umd.edu/umdps_workorder.cfm

·      Phone: 5-3286



Card Swipe Access to Teaching Facilities



Bryan Quinn


·      Phone: (301) 785-3928

·      Email: bquinn@umd.edu



Minor Alterations to Labs/Offices & Technical Assistance


·      Hanging items

·      Minor repairs



Tech-Ops Help Desk


·      Phone: 5-1036

·      Email: ece-techopshelp@umd.edu


Major Renovations / Projects


·      Construction/Facilities Modifications

·      Lab Equipment Integration/Installation

·      Technical Consultation



Bryan Quinn


·      1339 A.V. Williams Bldg.

·      Phone: (301) 785-3928

·      Email: bquinn@umd.edu


Safety Related Issues



Bryan Quinn


·      Email: bquinn@umd.edu

·      Phone: (301) 785-3928



Teaching Labs / Independent Student Projects



Shyam Mehrotra


·      1325 A.V. Williams Bldg.

·      Phone: 5-3722

·      Email: shyam@umd.edu