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ENEE 307

NOTE: Before you proceed with your course please make sure you read and understood general laboratory guidelines for Electrical and Computer Engineering department undergraduate teaching labs listed, here

This course is to provide students a hands-on experience on diodes and transistors through simple experiments. Students will also analyze, design and construct electronic circuits at the transistor and integrated circuit levels. Both digital and analog electronics are covered, starting with single devices. Students gain detailed knowledge of the operation and design of multi-transistor circuits: electronics is learned by building highly relevant circuits. BJT forward active operation is investigated by study of Common Emitter and Emitter Follower desigsn, bias and small signal operation. MOS common source operation and Source Follower are investigated and inverters, NAND and NOR gates are analyzed. Basic transistor configurations and frequency response are taught by building a hi-fidelity audio amplifier and small signal topologies. Differential amps, active loads, current mirrors, and principles of feedback are taught through the construction of op-amps out of discrete components.. Below is a list of equipment that you will use in this course. You will find necessary manuals, troubleshooting guides, and FAQs about these equipments in their respective pages.