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ENEE 245

NOTE: Before you proceed with your course please make sure you read and understood general laboratory guidelines for Electrical and Computer Engineering department undergraduate teaching labs listed, here

This course is an introduction to design, construction, and characterization of digital circuits containing logic gates, sequential elements, oscillators, and digital integrated circuits. Students are also introduced to digital design and simulation with the Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL). Students will utilize basic measurement techniques and electrical laboratory equipment (power supplies, oscilloscopes, voltmeters, etc.). Below is a list of equipment that you will use in this course. You will find necessary manuals, troubleshooting guides, and FAQs about these equipments in their respective pages.

IMPORTANT: In addition to the equipment and components listed below, you will be using Xilinx ISE Design software and maybe PSpice. Please click here to find tutorial for Xilinx ISE Design environment and click here to find the tutorial for PSpice.
NOTE: There is a known bug with the Oscilloscope and the monitor capturing software installed at your workbench. If your Oscilloscope freeze and stop working please refer to the document here

Please be aware that this is a temporary fix and we are currently working on a fixed solution that will be implemented at the end of this semester (Fall 2013)

If you are not sure or cannot carry out the troubleshooting guide please consult our ECE Tech Ops staff at AVW 1338.