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E&P Triple Regulated Power Supply

This page contains external links that will help you to be familiar with operating Triple Regulated Power Supply stationed at your workbench. Power Supply is often used in almost each of your lab session through out the semester. Power Supply allows you to supply varying degree of voltage and/or current as necessary to your circuit. Triple regulated power supply provides a stable DC output with in a specified range (see manual below) often required in digital circuits. Browse through the links provided below to learn how to use a power supply to properly and safely provide required power to your circuit.


If you happen to have any problem operating the breadboard or have any other question relate to equipments or components at your lab work bench, please consult your TA. DO NOT attempt to troubleshoot any equipments or components by your self unless you are authorized to do so. If TA is not present or unable to resolve the issue, please bring it to our attention at:

ECE Technical Operations
Office: 1338 A. V. Williams Building
Phone: (301) 405 1036